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Entrepreneurs, Don't Be Disheartened

Can I be honest with you?

No make up. No filter. Bags under my eyes from working late the night before. My nails...let's not even talk about it. My hair doin’ it’s own thang...sitting on the floor trying to figure out how we accidentally printed the wrong color on a portion of the Big Drip Threads hoodies and tees. Like...are you k-k-kidding me???!!!

I could’ve been angry ...because these are the types of mistakes that COST MONEY! But...being angry would only ruin my day. I had to make a choice. I decided to actually GIFT some of the hoodies and tees to those who were hospitalized and in rehab hopes that it would encourage their faith.

The responses were beautiful and overwhelming.

I’m being transparent because often time’s while scrolling social media we can become disheartened...because it appears that every business owner has monthly 10k sales, always sold out and that they never have any hiccups.

Entrepreneurship is hard work! There will be hiccups. There will be delays. There will be personnel issues.

The key is to KEEP GOING! Assess the situation...take a breather...focus on a solution, pivot and start fresh tomorrow.

You can do this! If you’re reading this post...this is your sign to not give up!

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