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I Shared My Testimony And...

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Recently, I shared a portion of my journey with a sister that I've known for a few years.

This wasn't the pretty part of my journey...this was the part of my journey that was dark...the part that was deep...the part where some of my decisions perhaps weren't the was the part of my journey that God not only KEPT me through...but also HEALED me.

I was surprised...after pouring my heart out...that the response was: Girl...what's wrong with you? See the problem with you need to...why didn’t you...YIKES!

WHOA! Flag on the play! WHAT???

Now...I could've been devastated...opted to never share my story with anyone ever again or to never trust anyone with my past ever again...but what sense does that make?

Some people just aren't equipped to have knowledge of your journey. If I'm not embarrassed or stressed about it, why should YOU be, lol. I've found that sharing our journey helps to strengthen each other.

Often times when we're going through something heavy, we think that we're the ONLY person in the world who has experienced it. The testimonies...the sharing helps to encourage us along our journey.

Fam...don't stop sharing your testimony. Don't stop sharing where God brought you from. And if someone trusts you enough to share their personal journey...treat it as a privilege...because that’s exactly what it is.

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don't be afraid to share, remember our divine assignment is to be witnesses for the kingdom. If one soul is snatched out of the kingdom of darkness by our testimony, it was worth the journey,

Me gusta
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