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Zero Balance

K. I’ll testify. We’ve witnessed what the Lord has been telling us about finances, unexpected checks.

I had a medical bill for $181 that my insurance didn’t cover. I had the statement in front of me that showed the balance. Today, I called to pay it.

I called the 1st number, they said the account was closed and that I needed to call the medical facility. I’m like aw man, did they put this into collections or something?

I call the medical facility. The lady says: I’m searching your history for the last 20 months and all I see is a zero balance.

I ask her again, to confirm. She said well, your invoice was sent on June 3rd, ***** Health Division***** actually credited your account for the full amount on June 9th, consider yourself blessed.

Whoa! Wow! Boom! God told us to expect unexpected financial resources!

I’m declaring ZERO balances on your bills this month! As my mom often says: Won’t He do it? Uh-yez-He will!!

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