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No More DIY's

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Yikes! Ok. In my spirit to share. This one might sting a bit.

Spend the extra few dollars to "get somebody else ta do it".

You can't keep DIY-ing stuff. Hire someone to do the things that you're trying to squeeze into your busy schedule. This next phase of growth REQUIRES help!!!!

You will gain more by spending the extra $75 on a graphic designer, or the extra $100 on a good tailor, or $150 a month for lawn get my point).

You have a great assignment and it requires SUPPORT. Gone are the days of you being the Pastor AND the accountant + graphic designer, the business owner + the make up artist, the clothing designer + the website maintenance person... need I go on or do we need more examples?

You're stretched TOO THIN and your slip is showin'!

I have been there! I promise you. Sometimes our pride prevents us from outsourcing or delegating. Sometimes it's our fear that the extra cost is going to break us, but it won't! It will PROPEL us.

God has graced you for acceleration and exposure in this season. He has also graced you with the resources around you...TAP IN.

ASK. There are people who are willing to barter with you. TAP in, there are people who believe in you and they WANT to support you. He didn't require you to go into this next assignment alone.

Share this with someone who needs to hear this.

Text ONTHEALTAR to 313-634-6699 or to stay connected.

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