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PROPHETIC WORD: Double-Dutch Friends 2.6.23

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Yikes…this Prophetic Word isn’t gonna feel good, but the sooner you come to terms with it, the better off you’ll be.

Over the next 14 weeks , your circle of trust will change. For some, it already started happening 2 weeks ago. God is going to reveal to you those who are double Dutch friends/acquaintances…meaning they play both sides of the fence. When they speak to you, it's kicks and giggles , but they secretly envy you…even though they don’t even want what you possess…they just don’t want YOU to have it. Dem be da worst ones...smh.

These are people who are or were once in/close to your inner circle. These may also be people that you've had an uneasiness about but you couldn't quite figure out why. They were fine when you were struggling or when you weren’t as educated on things as you are now. They were fine when it didn’t appear that favor was resting on your life. They were fine when they thought that there was an entire population that disliked you.

Begin to pay attention to the conversations and interactions that you have. Do not be overly emotional or quick to respond out of emotion. EVERYthing MUST go on the Altar. Take everything to God in prayer. He will prepare you. You will not be blindsided. They may try to poke at you, but they will fail. Their betrayal or traps that they desire to set will not phase you as long as you stay at the feet of The Father. Draw close to Him. Draw close to Him. Draw close to Him. He will not leave you dumbfounded.

Walk in wisdom. Ask God for discernment. He will not fail you.

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