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Within The Next 12 Days we go.

Within the next 12 days...

1. Look at every unnecessary thing that you are subscribed to. Delete it. Close it out. Cancel it.

2. We've kinda talked about this one before: EDIT relationships. Recategorize them to the proper place in your world. Some aren't meant to be within the vulnerable fibers of your life.

Part B - If you're consistently the highest paid , the smartest or the only one growing in your need to assess what's really goin' on and make the necessary adjustments. If they're around you, singing the same song, month after month with no actions towards change or growth, this is a problem.

3. Revisit every Prophetic word you've received, that you feel hasn't yet come to pass. Don't you dare give up on what God told you. Lay it at His feet. Expect Him to show up. Ask Him if you've missed any understanding or instruction.

4. Seek wise council. Ask questions. Get an understanding. This will help to prevent future pitfalls.

5. You absolutely canNOT wait until the middle of January to consecrate yourself. Preparation is happening NOW. 2024 is going to expand amazingly and quickly. Don't find yourself trying to 'get ready" instead BE READY.

6. Spend quality time THANKING HIM.

7. Delete all of those old text threads. They carry emotional ties. What's your purpose for holding on to them? So you can scroll back and revisit the pain and disappointment that it caused you? While you're at it, delete all of those screenshots that you're never gonna refer back to.

8. Do your best to clear the past residue. Pray. Talk to God and get a therapist if needed. We can't keep living in what happened in our past. God can and will lift it up off of you if you ask Him. I'm a living witness. No more excuses.

9. 2024 is gonna exceed your expectations. You'll be consistently in awe. God will send those who genuinely love you, to rejoice alongside you.

I love yaw.


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